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Is my stand waterproof?
It is! In fact, it’s weather proof. You can leave it in sunshine, snow or rain and it will be fine. If you live in an area where branches may fall on it, or you have other furniture that is easily blown over in the wind, we suggest the you protect your stand as mechanical damage can disturb the protective layer on the steel and rust may occur.

Need proof? Check out our Instagram post here.

Can I leave my fabric outside?
When you’re finished using your fabric, we suggest unhooking it and bringing it inside. Think of your hammock fabric like your favourite dress. You wouldn’t leave it outside for a few nights in the rain or sitting in the sunshine for hours on end. You would ensure that it’s kept in the best possible condition for when you next wear it. Our hammock fabrics are made from natural fibres, so they will break down if not taken care of.

I didn't receive any assembly instructions, help!
No worries, please find a downloadable PDF for all our stands.

Grande, Indela, Titan & Prime Assembly Instructions PDF, click here!

Gazelle Assembly Instructions PDF, click here!

Swing Assembly Instructions PDF, click here!

And here you find a video of Emilia assembling her own hammock stand all by herself. See how easily it really is. WATCH NOW.

Will two people fit in the hammock?

Unless you have bought a Mini hammock or an Indela hammock, two people will most definitely fit in the hammock.

How long is the hammock stand?
3.6m from end to end, and out longest fabric is 2m, but you can find all dimensions to every single product on each product page as dimensions differ across different collections.

How long does it take to assemble?
From our experience, 10-15 minutes for 1-person. Some of our customers say it’s easier with an extra set of hands, which it undoubtably would be. However, it is 200% possible for one person to assemble this hammock stand and hang the fabric in very little time.

How long does it take to ship my hammock?
We ship all of our hammocks with Parcel Force 48. Which means that from the moment of collection, the parcel should take 48hours to arrive on your doorstep. However, please bear in mind that couriers can sometimes encounter delays and unfortunately can’t keep to their promises. For this reason, we provide tracking information and are happy to help should you experience any delivery issues.

How long is the Limited Warranty?
Depending on the stand you buy, 2 - 10 years. Please check the individual product page.

Fabrics have a 12-month warranty - general wear and tear or mistreatment of the fabric are not covered.

Can I buy more than one hammock fabric for the same stand?
Actually, we encourage this! Yes! Our hammock fabrics are really easy to hang with the convenient chains that are included with every hammock stand. So we encourage you to have at least two different fabric styles to enjoy as they both offer different benefits.

How To Lie in a Hammock

What’s the “right” / "wrong" way to lay in a hammock?
When it comes to hammocking, our philosophy is that there really is no “right” or “wrong” way to lie in a hammock. Regardless of how you choose to use it, what’s most important is that you’re comfortable and that you feel good when using it. Having said that, there are some generally agreed on tips and common practices that we can pass along.

How to Lie in a Spreader Bar Hammock
The most comfortable position for lying in a hammock with spreader bars differs fundamentally from that of traditional hammocks and camping hammocks—and is essentially the exact opposite. Because the laying surface of a spreader bar hammock is so taut and tightly suspended, lying lengthwise is the most comfortable position (and also helps to prevent you from falling out or tipping the hammock). It might take a little practice at first, but once you have mastered the crossbar you will love it!

Care & Maintenance

How do I care for my hammock or hanging chair? Are hammocks and hanging chairs machine washable?
Unless otherwise noted, all hammocks and hanging chairs by Potenza are machine washable. If your hammock has a spreader bar, however, it cannot go in the washing machine and so we suggest using a cloth with warm water and gentle soap to scrub off any spills or marks.